The artist in her studio



‘For me an ideal artwork is something to fall in love with.

It has a power like a sacred object, something you want to return to again and again.

Every time you look at the artwork, it gives you something new to take with you.’





Nicolet Boots takes her inspiration from contemporary life, music, and nature. She loves to work in a variety of techniques. Large works on paper, encaustic on wood, and sculptures from plaster, concrete and encaustic alternate in her studio practice. Switching between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, makes for an ongoing dialogue, stretching the boundaries of her drawings and her sculptural work. At the moment she loves the tactile qualities of encaustic, an old technique consisting of melted beeswax and dammar, mixed with pigments. Lines play a central part of her art vocabulary:


Nicolet Boots at work in her studio


A single line

a single line can tell a whole story.

a single line captures what I want to express.

a single line showing human beings, being human.

a single line, showing the bare essentials



Nicolet Boots was born in a little village in the Netherlands, near the North sea coast, about 40 km north of Amsterdam. She studied Art Management and worked  in a planetarium, before turning to art full-time. After moving to Scotland, she pursued her passion for art with numerous classes in painting, drawing and sculpture, among others at the College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland. The following years were spent in Denmark, Scotland again and Austria. Nicolet continued to nurture her love for art, making and selling art works, while raising a child with her husband. Since 2009, she lives in Munich, Germany, continuing her art career.

Artworks were sold to private collectors in the Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark, Austria and Germany.

In 2015 the Bayerische Staatsgemälde Sammlung bought one of her art works.



  • 1977-1983     Petrus Canisius College
  • 1989-1993     K.H.O Art Management
  • 1995-1997     evening classes College of Art, Edinburgh
  • ongoing          life drawing classes, painting classes. Summer Schools

Short Vita

  • 1965               born in Bergen, (N-H) the Netherlands
  • 1988-1995      audio-visual program maker Planetarium Omnimaxtheatre
  • 1995               moving to Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1997-1998      lives and works as visual artist in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1998-2003      lives and works as visual artist in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2003-2008      lives and works as visual artist in Tirol, Austria
  • since 2008      lives and works as visual artist in Munich, Germany

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2013        ‘Learning to Fly’ Kultüren, Sylvia Regelin, Munich
  • 2012        ‘Good Times’, SPD-Büro, Munich
  • 2012        ‘Memories’ Galerie Arja Decker, Hohenbrunn
  • 2010         ‘I’ll do it anyway’, Kulturkeller 84 GHz, Munich
  • 2008         ‘Nicolet Boots, neue Arbeiten’ Frauen im Brennpunkt, Innsbruck
  • 2007         ‘Still stehen, weiter gehen’ Galerie H.L. Igls,Tirol
  • 2005         ‘Neue Arbeiten’, Galerie Joris de Waard, Bergen, the Netherlands

Group Exhibitions

  • 2016        ‘Boots-Austermühle/ Austermühle-Boots’, Schauraum Munich
  • 2013         ‘Einblicke’, Galerie Arja Decker, Hohenbrunn
  • 2013         ‘auf probe‘, Galerie Andreas Constantin, Munich
  • 2012         Juroren Ausstellung, Kunstverein Ebersberg
  • 2012         ‘Absolut Female’, Arthaus Diessen, Diessen am Ammersee
  • 2011         Galerie der Künstler, BBK München und Oberbayern
  • 2011         Lucas-Cranach-Ausstellung, Kronach
  • 2011         Jahresausstellung Ebersberg, Kunstverein Ebersberg
  • 2007         Art2rent, Innsbruck
  • 2007         Gruppe 84 im Hofgarten-Gärtnerei, Innsbruck
  • 2006         Kunstmarkt Tirol, Innsbruck
  • 2002         London Art Fair, with Compass Gallery, London
  • 2001         Compass Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 2001         Festival Show, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh
  • 2000         ‘Life Line’, Nexus Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2000         BridgeArt, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • 1999         ‘Boots and Fisher’, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1999         Festivalshow, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh
  • 1998         Sommerudstilling, Galleri Anne Marie, Kopenhagen, Denmark

Public Collections

  • Bayerische Staatsgemälde Sammlung, Munich
  • University  of Copenhagen, Denmark

Privat Collections

Denmark, the Netherlands, Scotland, Austria and Germany